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"Horsemanship" is the human’s ability to create unity with the horse from feel, timing, and balance. This is achieved through understanding the mind of the horse. The result is a calm, content horse that exhibits suppleness, straightness, energy (or "life"), and flexibility -- all the things necessary for any discipline of riding. We help you develop the ability to understand what the horses are telling us by reading their expressions and, further, by fulfilling their need to be comfortable on the inside. The horse is the best teacher there is if you can learn to listen, but for now you may need someone to translate the horse’s language into human terms.

Humility, time, dedication, discipline, patience, and self-awareness are the major ingredients to achieving a confident, soft, willing horse. We begin the program by laying a foundation.

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Cowboy Mounted Shooting


Have you ever watched the hero as he galloped his horse across the screen with reins in one hand, firing off shots left and right? Ever wished you could try it? If the romance and excitement of the Old West are calling, then Cowboy Mounted Shooting might be just the sport for you! Cowboy Mounted Shooting has become one of the fastest growing equestrian sports in the world. Blending such disciplines as reining, barrel racing, and horsemanship, the sport of mounted shooting requires teamwork between rider and horse.

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Hättest Du nicht mal Lust Deine Ferien so ganz anders zu verbringen? In der Natur mit Pferden, zusammen mit anderen Teenies oder vielleicht sogar mit Deiner besten Freundin oder Deinem besten Freund? Und um noch eins drauf zu setzen zusammen mit einem echten Cowboy wirst aus den U.S.A.? Mit ihm zusammen wirst Du Abenteuer erleben, von denen Du noch lange erzählen kannst. Natürlich wird der Spaßfaktor nicht zu kurz kommen. Du wirst staunen, was man in einer Woche alles erleben kann und wie cool es ist, ein Cowgirl oder Cowboy zu sein!

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